We know the content challenges facing financial institutions.

Here are the main ways we can help you address these:

Put your trust in FINANCIAL CONTENT lab

Stop struggling in your collaboration with content producers! Instead, rely on us. It’s not just about finding a clever hook. Good content should always be error-free and reflective of your business’ uniqueness.

In working with Financial Content Lab, you receive our pledge of meticulousness, passion and quality.

We offer three main content solutions: WRITING, EDITING and COPYEDITING (see below ‘OUR SOLUTIONS’).

Across these solutions, we can produce content for many mediums. These include (but are not limited to): articles, blogs, website/online copy, social media copy, reports, slide decks, whitepapers, awards pitches, requests for proposals (RFPs) and email/client communications.

For topic areas, our experience spans across financial services. These include (but are not limited to):

– Commercial, corporate and institutional banking: cash management, trade finance, securities services.

– Asset management and investing: funds, flows, ESG/impact investing, cross-border investing.

– Economic/geopolitical: cross-border programmes, macroeconomic and markets commentary.

– Technology: emerging models in traditional institutions, new tech models/fintechs, decentralised finance.

– Organisational themes: sustainability, diversity, inclusion etc.

our solutions


Producing new content

  • Turning ideas into complete, new content from scratch.
  • Creating story arcs and positioning key messages.
  • Typical outputs: articles, blogs, event summaries, factsheets, whitepapers.

GBP1,000 for up to 500 words

GBP1.50 per word thereafter


Revising, reviewing, reframing

  • You define the story arc and key messages.
  • We bring a critical second pair of eyes, to recreate your existing content.
  • Applicable for when your content-needs change, fact-checking, realignment or shortening existing content for a different medium.
GBP150 per hour


Polishing and hunting errors

  • For a detailed review of finalised content.
  • Correcting errors and checking for consistency across content.
  • Applicable for any content, but typically applied for awards/sales pitches and reports.
GBP150 per hour

The steps towards great content

Like the words themselves, the process for creating
good content doesn't need to be complicated.

Frequently asked questions

Unless otherwise requested, we follow The Economist Style Guide (12th edition). If you have your own institutional guide, please share it with us when we start our project.

We can also help you create a style guide if you don’t have one. Read about why this is important here, or get in touch for more information.

While the prices are set to reflect the typical content needs of financial institutions, you are unique and so are your needs. If in doubt, please get in touch and we can discuss the best setup for your project.

Of course! Our aim is to support our clients in whatever their content needs may be. Typically, clients ask us to come up with the angle, however we are happy to follow any ideas you have.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what you want the story to be, we’ll be ready to propose this. In either case, expect us to always ask you ‘why?’ to uncover the uniqueness of your story. This is so we can tell a story with a clear purpose, and avoid leaving your reader wondering ‘so what?’

Our aim is to stay true to Financial Content Lab’s motto: Inform. Impress. Engage.

We are firm believers in clarity, not jargon. The default in financial services, particularly in the B2B space, has become to overcomplicate and elongate. But long words don’t impress your business audience. They’re people after all.

Our approach is to be concise and informative. We help clients demonstrate their expertise without flowery or condescending language – with structured, educational pieces that are enjoyable to read.

Sarah’s answer: I’ve worked a decade in asset management, financial market research and corporate and institutional banking. And I’ve worked both in-house and as an independent content producer. While I’ve learnt a huge amount about the industry in this time, there’s always more to learn. In my experience hiring content producers, background knowledge is important, but quality storytelling is even more so. Get in touch to learn more about how I combine the two.

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