Hi, I'm Sarah DATTA


I established this business with a clear purpose: to help organisations across the financial services industry produce quality, impactful content for their audiences.

I am a British, sharp-content lover. Nothing makes me happier than helping clients connect with their unique audiences.

the full story

The beginning

After ten years of working in various content-development roles in Asia, I established Financial Content Lab at the end of 2020. During this decade, I learnt that content producers can be more of a hindrance than a help. And having been on the other side, I know how critical it is to be able to trust your content producer, for the long term.

The mission

Financial Content Lab serves organisations across the financial services industry. Concise messaging matters; every word counts. In an industry where unnecessarily-complex jargon is often the norm, striving for uncomplexified sharp content production should be the standard. Content with a unique message and a clear purpose.

The future

This is only the beginning of the story. As Financial Content Lab’s founder, I wake up every day excited to produce content that supports my clients’ business objectives, and makes their lives easier. I also look forward to working on this company and watching it grow.

Why work with Financial Content Lab?

Financial services organisations need a content partner who understands their – as well as their business' – uniqueness.

business values


Content should always be error-free.


Content should always trigger thoughts or actions.


Messages should transcend platforms.


No piece of content exists in a vacuum.


Serious content producers take time to understand their clients and their clients’ audiences.


For turnaround times and meeting of briefs.



Are you ready to tell stories that trigger action?

Let’s start your journey to clearer content together!